Human-centered marketing for brave brands.


Our work is both online and offline, digital and live. We partner with businesses and non-profits to create a seamless narrative, meticulously designed to connect real people to their brand.

marketing technology

Harness the power of technology & automation to personalize and optimize your marketing for real humans.

dynamic brand strategy

Create or refine a brand & messaging strategy that’s dynamic and designed to grow with you.

Content Marketing

Humanize and tell your story through powerful creative, email, and social media marketing campaigns.



Don’t expect us to prescribe a formulaic approach to growth. Human-centered marketing is never one-size-fits all. Wiled Co. provides that hands-on support you need to navigate the most critical stages of your business.


“Wiled Co. is a life saver. In the beginning, at the point where your startup is most fragile, they come in and create strength. Lindsay worked closely with us during the early months of Citizen Supply to develop a strong messaging strategy for our brand, while helping us create effective systems to manage and grow our business. Her intentional investment has made a firm foundation for my company to stand on.”

Phil Sanders

Founder, Citizen Supply

“Shortly after starting re:imagine/ATL, I realized how much help I needed when it came to social media and digital marketing. Wiled Co took my vision, ideas, and desire to be unique and helped me execute a tangible online marketing plan. I have been able to focus on my brand as a whole and better communicate what I do thanks to the strategy and foundation Wiled Co. has helped me put in place.”

Susanna Spiccia

Founder & Executive Director, re:imagine/ATL

“We began working with Lindsay when we needed help updating our website. We were so pleased with the results that we’ve continued to work with Wiled Co. on our other strategic marketing initiatives. Lindsay and Candi bring a fresh, creative perspective, while staying focused on delivering real, measurable results. It’s a pleasure working with them!”

Joe Iarocci

Founder, Cairnway Center for Servant Leadership Excellence


“Our job is to connect to people, to interact with them in a way that leaves them better than we found them, more able to get where they’d like to go.” —Seth Godin

We are human-centered marketers who zero in on projects that help you grow quickly. At Wiled Co., we believe that the bravest brands care more about people than numbers, and place a high value on innovation, technology, and story. 


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